arthathuranam na gurur na bandhu
kSudhAthuranam na ruciki na pakvam
vidyathurANAm, na sukham, na nidhrA
kamathuranam na bhayam na lajja
One who pursues wealth knows no guru or relations.
One who is hungry knows not taste or if the food was cooked well.
One who pursues knowledge knows neither comfort nor sleep.
One who has desires knows no fear or shame.


The Adhyapana team was formed in late 2005 by a group of 4 like-minded software engineers. Adhyapana – a Sanskrit word meaning “to teach”- is a social initiative and our means of giving back to society.

What began as a mere training program for students looking for jobs, has now taken shape as a charitable trust catering to the overall educational development of a student. On January 29, 2010, the organization was formally registered as “The Adhyapana Trust”, a not-for-profit organization.

Our major objectives include youth empowerment and promoting education .We support a number of deserving students by providing educational scholarships. Over the years we have also started a number of developmental activities focused on the wholistic education, young women, school children and special children.



The Adhyapana Trust started providing students with scholarships right from its inception. All students who have been provided scholarships are from the economically weaker sections of our society. These students would have dropped out of school/college or discontinued their education if not for the scholarships provided by the trust.Many of our scholars are children of single mothers and physically challenged parents.

Each Adhyapana Scholar is selected after a background check . This includes a home visit by the trust members and interviewing all members of the student’s family.The academic background is verified through a visit to the educational institution.
If approved the scholarship is issued through cheque directly to the educational institution.scholarship

The responsibility of the trust does not stop at providing the scholarship. We also actively engage with the students, understand their needs and try to provide them with appropriate training and mentoring.

We allocate each child with a mentor who will monitor the child’s activity and provide the necessary guidance


Special Children Programs


Special children are often one of the most neglected sections of our society.We at The Adhyapana Trust have been working with students from the special community for the past 5 years. There is a great need to equip these children with basic life skills and social competency. To achieve this goal the trust has been organizing a number of programs for the special community with special focus on life skills and Yoga.

Life skills for special children


Though many organizations have started focusing on special children with the aim of making them financially independent there is a big void when it comes to training on self care skills,social competence and Life skills.The Adhyapana Trust is stepping in to fill this gap by conducting regular classes which will deal with topics such as Hygiene,Self expression,Transport,Shopping,and Food and Nutrition

We conduct excursions and tours to help these children understand basic life concepts.All sessions involve usage of props and different teaching materials to enhance the learning

Yoga for Special Needs


The aim of this program to engage the special children physically, mentally, and emotionally, in order for them to become more aware of their body and mind and to able to calm themselves naturally.

The classes are comprised of asana (poses), pranayama (breathe work), mantras (songs), mudras (hand gestures), and dhyana (relaxation). The class is structured in such a way that is accessible and enjoyable for the participants.

Yoga has many benefits for persons with special needs on many levels. Physically, yoga can create body awareness, help coordination and independent functioning. Mentally, yoga can increase a person’s ability to focus, calm the mind,improve communication and speech. Emotionally, yoga can help a person remain calm and relaxed in stressful situations and be more aware of their emotions.

Teachers’ training program

This program aims to equip special educators with information and  motivates them to perform better.This is a  workshop for teachers from different special schools. Teachers both from urban and rural areas will participate in this program. There will be experts from different areas who will be delivering lectures on topics such as-

  • Lesson planning, planning of a day, month  and year
  • Creating teaching aid to make the class interesting and introduce difficult concepts
  • Motivation – what can we do to keep the teachers motivated?
  • How to treat students? How to deal with difficult situations?
  • Knowledge of the medical conditions of the students

Teachers will be enabled to plan their work better. They will be coached and mentored to use props and teaching aids to make teaching more effective. The course also aims to motivate teachers and help them be better educators.

College Student Programs


Training of college students are an integral part of the Adhyapana Trust. The trainings are aimed at the holistic development of the student by making them think and understand . We have visited over 10 institutions and trained more than 2000 students from both sub-urban and rural colleges.

Placement training programs for rural colleges


Sadly a major failure of the higher education system in Indian has been its inability to churn out job ready graduates.Our Placement training programs are aimed are reducing the gap between the industry expectations and college education. The training teach

•  Practical application of the education
• Increase soft skills competency
• Increase the students’ self-esteem

Rural focus programs
ce2Under this scheme we offer to conduct free training programs for rural students provided the college offered to give us the required teaching infrastructure, and took care of the program expenses.

These courses have been highly beneficial for the students. The number of students getting selected in campus recruitment drives have increased manifold. We have been invited back to most colleges where we conduct our trainings.

Skill development courses – polytechnic students

The Adhyapana Trust has worked with polytechnic students from government and government aided colleges. We have found that many of these students come from Kannada medium schools with very limited knowledge of English. Most students are from low income families and join the diploma course to find employment early.Some of these students who go on to pursue their engineering or other professional degrees are discouraged as they are not able to cope due to theirpc1 limited English communication.

The skill development program for polytechnic students will coach them on the following:

  • Spoken English
  • Confidence building
  • Personality development
  • Career counselling

The major aim of this program is to bring such marginalized students into mainstream education and provide them with the support to pursue fulfilling careers

School Children Programs

In our visits to government schools in and around Bangalore, we have noticed that these students lag behind those studying in urban schools in terms of English language communication, exposure to new technologies and communication.

In order to address this disparity, we are conducting various programs for school children from disadvantaged backgrounds that focus on the following:

  • Teaching English through activities
  • Age appropriate sex education
  • Empowering children through theater based teaching methodologies

Effective communication through Storytelling

The aist1m of the program is to improve English language communication skills of the students, to improve creativity and imagination to increase interest in reading and to introduce reading as a means of entertainment.

Every class will have a story telling session after which an activity will be undertaken through which the students would be told that reading is fun and immense knowledge can be gained through it. We would be addressing the following topics through our classes

  • Importance of reading news paperst2
  • Reading helps to gain knowledge and improve imagination
  • Learning difficult concept through stories
  • Language development through reading and stories

Benefits of the program include increased reading habits among the students,improved communication skills and encouraging spoken English

Women Empowerment Programs

Many subjects such as sex education and women empowerment are considered as taboo subjects in rural India. In order to empower rural women, the Adhyapana Trust delivers courses tailored for them covering the following topicswe3
• Sex education
• Grooming and Etiquette
• Nutrition therapy
• Personality development

The trust has run several such courses for Katalyst (a Bangalore based NGO working in the space of women empowerment) covering about 100 students. These courses have been very helpful for the students.

The main aim of this program is to dispel myths about sexuality, bring awareness about the gender bias and thus reduce it. The course would help women increase their Self worth and they will learn to lead a healthy life.


Contact Us

You can email us @ adhyapana at will be happy to answer any queries you have.


#834, 31st A Cross,
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The Adhyapana Team is looking out for volunteers.Interested people can contact us at the adhyapana mail id.


The various initiatives of the Trust are run through donations.If you wish to donate, kindly send us an email with your details and we will get in touch with you.

*You can avail income tax exemption on the donations under section 80G